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The International Directory of Decorative Painters is the largest faux painting and muralist directory on the Internet with over 2500 listings! With searchable features such as by city or state, you can be located by the click of a button!

The International Directory of Decorative Painters is well known on the Internet as an excellent resource for both consumers and industry professionals to find a faux painting professional or muralist in their area.
If you are a decorative painter, faux finisher or muralist,
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...just artisans... you need to "be seen" here . . .

Why waste time and money with other services that cost you money....
everything you need to successfully list your decorative painting, faux finishing or mural business is contained in one can even link to your own website from the listing!

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All Professional decorative painters, faux finishing professionals and muralists..enter your business in the:
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In order to maintain The Faux Directory and the thousands of listings, we are charging a small fee for your listing in the Faux Directory.

That fee is only $25.00 per year... about $2.00 month!.....

We have had literally hundreds of e-mails regarding those listed...being contacted by individuals and businesses, concerning their talents..and requesting quotes on projects both commercially as well as residentially.
This will cover our expenses of keeping the Faux Directory prominent on the Internet, as well as advertising campaigns of the Faux Directory.
We have setup the payment system through Paypal, the most secure credit system on the Internet, to protect your privacy.
Paypal is used extensively on such sites as Ebay, and we feel it will be easiest for you to make payment that way.

As a new member of Paypal, you will enjoy the benefits of using secure, online purchasing throughout the Internet! Your directory listing will resubscribe itself automatically every year unless you cancel your subscription.

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